Wine Making

About Our Wine Making

Our founder, John Chang, is also our winemaker, ensuring that our wines are meeting international standards.

Born in Taiwan, John immigrated to Canada in 1995 and has been making wines with his wife, Allison, since 1996. In 2000, John and Allison started Blossom winery and started Lulu Island Winery in 2007.

Growing up as the son of a farmer, John developed his sense of practicality and also his love of nature. After a visit to Canada in 1992, John and Allison decided to immigrate to Canada for its beautiful scenery and to be closer to nature.

Upon moving to Canada, John had to restart his professional life from the ground up. Showing his sense of adventure and entrepreneurship, he decided to become a farmer and start making wines. Coming from humble beginnings, John said when he first started making wines that, “I hope the high qualities of grapes in British Columbia can be known around the world and that we can become good examples for immigrant entrepreneurs.”

After almost two decades of hard work, John went on to win the “B.C. New Canadian Entrepreneur Awards,” and the “The Best Partner of Tourism Richmond” Award.