able wine is made with grapes that are harvested in September, however, for Icewine, it is made with grapes that are left on the vines until late December, early January. By leaving the grapes on the vines for an extra three months, the grapes on the vines continue to ripen so much that the acidity of the grape decreases and the sugar content continues to concentrate. Icewine is made from naturally frozen grapes. Even though water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius, but due to the sugar in the grapes, it takes a temperature of -8 degrees Celsius or colder in order for the grapes to completely freeze. When Icewine grapes are frozen, they are as hard as marbles. Since the water content in the grapes are frozen, when they are pressed, they are filled with an intense aroma, sugars, and nutrients; this is called “Grape Honey.” It takes at least 30lbs of frozen grapes in order to make a 375mL bottle of Icewine.

Icewine, known as Canada’s liquid gold has become such a luxury item that there are many imitations of it around the world. The reputation of Canadian icewine is being damaged by the flood of fake ones available for sale in the overseas markets. Our winemaker is often invited to work overseas with our Canadian Consulates to educate the overseas media, importers, and distributors on what real Canadian icewine is.

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